Many feel uncertain about choosing the right academic stream that they should pursue, or feel confused about picking the right career path on completion of their college or university degrees. Equally, a career transition due to dissatisfaction in the current job often appears challenging to individuals due to a lack of market knowledge. According to Harit Gaba, under such circumstances, it makes sense to get guidance from an expert career counselor.

With a specialized background in the niche, career counseling helps individuals figure out their strengths, limitations as well as areas of interest and thereby help in informed decision-making. Following are some phases of life when it would be of immense help to seek career counseling. 

Pursuing Higher Education

At the threshold of decision-making of which stream is worth perusing, on completion of the schooling almost 68% of students feel uncertain. According to Harit Gaba, unfortunately, due to a lack of self-awareness, pressure from parents or peers, and lack of proper guidance, making mistakes at this stage can have a major negative impact on their career. Career counseling at this juncture helps individuals go for the right career options making it in line with their academic background and future career plan. This helps them get extra mileage in career-building.

In Quest Of Job Opportunities

Completion of the college or university degree is exactly the time to kick start their professional journey for most students. Again, the fast-evolving job marketplace offers them a plethora of career opportunities in diversified fields while differentiating in terms of their job outlook or prospective growth rate in different niches, nature of work, timing, and much more. 

To avoid a mistake in choosing the right career path, it is the best choice to work with a seasoned career counselor who will help in choosing the best career path and thereby make individuals excel in their professional life. During the counseling sessions, individuals get valuable insights from the professionals after analysis of the potential of the candidates, their preferences, growth rate of different careers and accordingly help make informed decisions on the career to embark on. 

Considering a Career/Job Shift

A feeling of dissatisfaction or being unfulfilled in the current profession is quite prevalent which is among the leading causes why people consider career shifts. According to the viewpoint of Harit Gaba, career transitions are not only stressful but happen to be extremely challenging without having proper guidance. This is high time to get expert assistance from a knowledgeable career counselor. Upon considering one’s academic background, skill sets, and work experience, a career counselor can help professionals in a seamless career transition backed by their in-depth knowledge of the job marketplace. 

In addition, they can provide candidates with great tips and strategic ways to cope with the potential challenges of the future career path and thereby help them thrive in their new profession. 

Experiencing Burnout 

In today’s fast-paced life, workplace burnout is a common experience. According to Harit Gaba, work-related burnout refers to the strain and stress caused by the job load, making individuals feel physically and mentally worn out. The typical symptoms of job burnout include persistent depression, stress, and a feeling of emptiness which tends to take a toll on physical and emotional condition. 

So, for those passing through this intense phase, consider career counseling right away to get an insightful guide on stress management, time management, and self-care that helps get work-life balance and thereby lessen job-related wariness.