You intend to teach English well, then. I love that! Working hard to be the greatest English teacher you can be can benefit your pupils and your career.

Good teachers are never forgotten. So, whether you want to teach English as a second language or other courses to university-level students, or work creatively with younger students, make sure you have the necessary abilities. Why not travel to Galway, Ireland, where we can provide all you need to become a good English teacher and complete your teacher training there? And even if you’re already a competent English teacher, we can still help you improve.

Please continue reading to learn about the abilities every excellent English teacher requires and how to develop them.

Grammatical solid, vocabulary, and pronunciation abilities in English

It may seem apparent, but after you begin working as an English tutor in Singapore, you must continue to develop your language abilities. Your audience must be able to comprehend what you’re saying and have faith in your grammar. Unfortunately, teachers occasionally don’t receive constructive criticism on this from their managers, which would enable them to advance. 

Self-assurance and the capacity to impart engaging, inspiring lessons to your students

Teachers resemble actors in certain ways. You must put on a performance to encourage your students to pay attention to your lecture and maintain their interest. Some people may find doing this to be highly uncomfortable. We will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to employ those techniques to keep your pupils engaged in learning.

Examining your techniques and small-group instruction

Throughout their careers, good English teachers continue to get better. You can accomplish this by reflecting on your lessons and practice and microteaching to assist everyone enrolled in a teacher-training programme. In addition, we videotape your lessons, which you will watch with your peers and our professors to assess what went well and what could have been done better.

Expertise in your field

Whether you’re teaching science, math, history, or geography, you need the vocabulary to inspire pupils and aid their learning. We can teach you how to find and modify materials for use in CLIL sessions, some useful tasks and exercises to utilise in the classroom, and vocabulary you may use in any lesson.

Keep abreast of the most recent theories and techniques for English teachers.

The art of teaching, or pedagogy, is constantly evolving as we discover more about how kids learn most effectively. It’s crucial to keep up with the most recent teaching ideas and apply them to your practice if you want to become an effective English teacher. You should follow research blogs and websites, and you can learn more about current theories if you enrol in one of our English teacher training programmes.

Acquire new practical abilities

Possessing a helpful specialisation that might be in demand where you want to work can help you stand out from other English teachers and attract employers. For instance, our Teacher Training – Drama Music & Culture Program will give you the tools you need to impart these abilities in an English language classroom for primary school students. So your students can study English while honing their acting or musical abilities.